Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Trick

Happy Halloween! Here's a selection of appropriately spooky models, freshly raised from the dead painted for your delectation.

Wooooo! Scaaaaaaaary!

This model got used as the Apprentice for my Frostgrave warband the other day. I finished her off earlier in the week, and I've done some minions to go with her.

A Reaper Ghoul, with either frostbite or alopecia depending on which game system he's being fielded in

Even an apprentice needs an apprentice. This model is actually Mr Bones himself, a bonus model from the Bones II Kickstarter. Cute? Is that the right word for something with no lower jaw? It'll do.

Zombie Ogre, because if it was hard enough to kill first time around you need to practice.

Here's the Scarecrow from the shadowy shot above. Another Reaper one, this, pimped out with a bit more base than I usually do. Part of a Citadel Wood and some hacked up lolly sticks, anyway, which shows you how much effort I put into basing.

Some time ago, I painted this. Scaaaaary, I know - the ultimate in horrifying bad guys. 

But what if he grew up?

Yeah, I fed him after midnight.
This is a Reaper Greater Demon (probably a Balor, the DnD ripoff of the Balrog, and thus now pretty much every major demon in fantasy ever. Nice big model, though, especially on his scenic base, and likely to double as either a Daemon Prince or a Bloodthirster for my WoC army.

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