Friday, 16 October 2015

Tomb Dwellers

And as the weeks roll by, it's time for some more Space Marines! Wooo! Give it up for the SM boys!

Now, the Crypt Angels (who I really ought to get round to fluffing up properly) are fairly open when it comes to selecting weapons of war. This includes the use of 'slipped' marines, like this five man squad of Khornate Berserkers.

I know the army is going to double as Chaos Space Marines as well as Plain Jane Space Marines, so there's no point in trying to disguise the fallen nature of this lot. The usual colours, though, so they could potentially double as assault marines if they needed to. 

Almost the usual colours, anyway - they're a little brighter in the red department (Mephiston Red base, Carroberg Crimson wash and Troll Slayer Orange highlights, rather than the blue wash and Wazdakka I generally use). Blood for the blood bod and so on. 

Chainswords are much cooler than power swords, right? Power swords might have the better rules and more prestige and blah blah blah. But chainswords are cooler - noisy, brutal and containing a sword-based pun. Love it. So these guys have power chainswords, i.e. I painted the teeth in the bright yellows I'm using for field weaponry. Probably need new rules now. 

Elsewhere! I have done another unit of Tac Marines. Sword Squad have swords on their shoulders. I know, who would have figured?

"Hey, nice strap, John!"
"Thanks, Ted, I got it at Accessorise!"

Not much to say here, except that the specialists have Devastator yellow markings so they can be swapped about as needed. The two specialists are also mucking about with grenades and scanners, because they think they're so much better than the other marines.

A character, because I needed something to break the conveyor belt experience of doing ten thousand black and red armoured space knights. This ex-Dark Angel captain has a red dressing gown, and his Deathwing logos carefully defaced to look like winged mouths. I can't say it was total escapism, but it certainly helped.

So that's the week's painting done. 

But you know me, I have a colossal tub of white plastic fantasy miniatures and I must scream paint. And it's October, so the shops are full of spooks. So some more things from a Crypt, in keeping with their Chapter Brothers!

Grown from genuine Dragon's Teeth!

Place your bets on what will fall apart first, his sword or his body.

Robin of Deadwood

Boneman the Barbarian


Meet the gang 'cos the gang's all dead 

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