Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Grinding for Loot

Another week brings in another bunch of Crypt Angels. Slow progress (work reasons) is still better than no progress, so two five-man groups this time.

More Tactical Marines, first up, but the spikey kind. Lovely models from the Dark Vengeance set, very detailed. A few duplicate stances, though, so I tore off a few plug-and-play weapons and did some minor conversions.

The Crypt Angels definitely do not worship the Ruinous Powers. These guys are totally clear on that. Their Fourth Company, though, has seen some hard action in some unfortunate quarters, the kind that usually gets you a mindwipe from the Inquisition. They're so low on numbers now that they'd rather keep their slightly questionable members on board than try and start from scratch.

Squad Indictis

As though to counteract any charges of heresy, here are some totally loyal and upright 1st Company Veterans.

More optional weapons here, all but one of them have magnetised right arms. Space Marines are all right-handed, by the way. Finding left arms with weapons (okay, I'm not including the power fists here, just ranged ones) is almost impossible on most sprues. Wonder why.

This next picture is the same three marines from slightly different angles with alternate guns swapped in.

Squad Entenides

 And a Hero, of course. Can't go a week with no hero.

Discotti, Master of Rituals

Sporting the blue stripes of any good Librarium member, this terminator chappie has eschewed the standard force weapon for a double chain fist and ludicrous bayonet. The skull on top is to help balance the weapon, I expect.

Elsewhere, some fantasy filler:

Somebody on the internet claimed that you can use Tyrant Skull paint as a final highlight for red. Using a prepainted Battle Masters halberdier, I thought I'd update his paint and try this out. I remain unconvinced. 
Elven Archer (Reaper Bones)

Satyr Archer (Reaper Bones)

Moody Templar (Reaper Bones and definitely not Assassin's Creed)

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