Monday, 6 July 2015

Unit Filler: "Oops!"

There are some who regard unit fillers as a way to bulk out units and avoid painting models. I think I've gone the other way: I removed 5 already-painted night goblins from this regiment just so I could fit in my little diorama.

Warhammer Night Goblin Unit Filler
"Hey, I found your arrow!"

I still have a few remaining sprues of the old Brian Nelson Night Goblins, and since they're a diminishing resource, and so very poseable, I want to do some fun things with them.

The idea for this filler was that a careless gobbo in the back ranks had accidentally loosed his arrow and hit the gob in front of him. The archer standing next to him is gleefully pointing out his mistake.

Warhammer Night Goblin Unit Filler
It's actually interpretive art: the corpse is WFB, the arrow is Age of Sigmar, the archer is the design studio and the one pointing and laughing is ... 40k players probably.

There was less converting than I thought: just the left arm on the 'aw shucks' goblin (these goblin arms are long - he ended up with a very large wrist and bit of a crazy angle), and the pointing finger of the 'mocking' goblin (which involved removing and resculpting the middle finger, so only the index finger was left outstretched).

I had intended to add some fungi and snotlings to the base, but it's already looking crowded (40mm is less to work with than you think), so I left it alone.

I'm not sure how clearly the diorama comes out - it almost looks like the two goblins are contemplating a murder scene.

Warhammer Night Goblin Unit Filler
"It's elementary ... he clearly suffered a heart attack!"

Anyway, it was fun and jumbles up the unit nicely. I look forward to similar attempts with my other units.

And to make the numbers back up to 30, I gave the unit a token netter.

Warhammer Night Goblin Netter
Because Night Goblin archers are super-combat effective.

I've got a couple of these netters to share around, and probably worthy of their own post at some point. Lovely models.

Anyway, that brings the unit up to full strength, which means my Night Goblin army finally has some core!

Warhammer Night Goblins
Night Night!

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