Monday, 13 July 2015


More for the Crypt Angels this week!

If you break a Tactical Squad in half, you get a five-man combat squad. Or you can get five man groups of various veterans, like Stormguards or Vanguards or Mudguards or whatever else they've got going these days.

I had another five fairly plain marines knocking about, and most of them seemed to be sergeants or heroic conversions. So this group can be whatever is required in the heat of the moment, including taking one of the guys as a Captain. 

Not this guy. Sorry, guy, I meant one of the others.
There we go.

There's not much to say about them, the paint scheme is identical to last week's lot. Except the varnish, which behaved itself this time round (I was very tentative with it). 

This guy is a conversion made of all sorts of bits. I don't know his full provenance, although I do know I finished off his shoulder pads with a bunch of extra purity seals from the Dreadnaught box. And his backpack is clearly chaotic. The boltgun is held on with tentacles. 

Err, not that you can tell from this shot. 

Still not as chaotic as their Chaplain/Heresiarch, though, who's another character from the starter set. 

There's a duplicate of this guy in the collection, so I shall think about what to do with the other one to make him different. Totally replace his armour with more purity seals, perhaps? 

He's brought along his sword caddy. 

One more chainsword warrior, and the group is complete. 

Which just leaves their wheels.

Ah, the old Rhino kit! Plus some chaos spiky bits, because we all love those. Funny to think that you're supposed to fit ten marines into this. Shows you how the kits have skidded up in scale over the years. Or just shows how folk cared less about the 'realism' aspect back in the day, when wargaming was less important.

The tailgate has the chapter logo done with a snarly chaos faceplate. Then I put extra chains over it, so you can't see it. Might rethink that. 

It's got some good guy dreadnaught bits on too, to try and counterbalance the spikes. 

 Painting Guide:

  • See last week. Seriously, I'm not going through all that again.

 There is a fantasy miniature for the week, of course.

I feel this guy is sort of an ancient Crypt Angel. The red armour, the trophies on display, the GW Skull Fetish - it all feels connected. Maybe he's their Primarch, Kasfunatius. Only without the five hundred kilo Forge World display base.

He's a Reaper model, bendy resin. Took a bit of supergluing to stop his sword curling out sideways, too.

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