Friday, 8 May 2015

Anglo-Dane Huscarls: The 'Tache Stash

Final batch of SAGA miniatures for the moment - these are also Hearthguard, but armed with the universal hand weapon and shield, rather than the unique Dane Axes.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
Another brick in the shield wall.

These guys can be armed with ... anything really, but I've gone with swords or spears, forgoing axes to distinguish them from the Dane Axe crew (they all have the same colour schemes in clothes and shields, so are quite interchangeable).

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
In reality, this model doesn't 'lean into the wind' quite so much.

For the two huscarls who have drawn swords, I snipped off the hilts from the scabbards. For the two who have spears, I've left their swords sheathed. Not that you can really tell when their shields are covering them up, damnit.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
Look closely, and you'll see the sword that isn't there.

For those wondering at the lack of beards, apparently moustaches-only were the fashion among Saxons/Anglo-Danes, so it's bare chins all around.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
He can handle the handlebars.

These will be the most heavily-armoured of my warband - they will be the only ones with chainmail shirts, and they have the most elaborate helmets. Further down the food chain, it will just be pot helms and shields.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
Some of them even get extra knives.

Aside from the inevitable uniform colours (armour, weapons, shields, belts), I tried to vary everything else: hair, clothes, shoes and even crosses - making some from bone, some wood and some silver.

Anglo-Dane Huscarl from SAGA
The inevitable 'sentry' pose.

Some thoughts on the basing: I usually use static grass in accent tufts, so this is the first 'full-flock' base I've tried. Does't look too bad, although I'll have to get used to it.

Anglo-Dane Huscarls from SAGA
Lawnmowers were a few hundred years away.

I've got some units of Warriors to add eventually, but for now, that's it.

Wé Gárdena


  1. Is 'Waaagh' a historically accurate judgement on these stalwarts?