Saturday, 4 April 2015

EXT: Pic'n'Mix Gothic Architecture

Step inside, step inside

Here's all that scenery I promised!

The completion of the graveyard gateway means my Graveyard of Morr is now complete. There's one mausoleum I haven't done, because it has a long-term commitment elsewhere (more on that another time).

But what I've got is still a solid bit of battlefield filler and nicely versatile, given that you can lay it out in however you want.

From the Reaper stuff, I've got these pillars...

A Nice One

A Naughty One.
Might come back to these two, give them a bit of base or incorporate them into something else later.

...and then this selection of ruined buildings.

This one's not quite done yet - it's the base of a much larger model that slots into those holes you can see on the top. It needs a bunch of detail done on the hoard at the bottom, which might give you a clue as to what roosts on it. 

This bit combines with the circular base you saw earlier... make this derelict tower!

Finally, the Dreadstone Blight need be lonely in the swamps no longer. 

This whole selection is from the 'Dragons Don't Share' box set. So I can't quite say it's done yet, on account of the absent Dragon. But I can show you the whole lot all stuck together to make this pleasingly miserable diorama:

I know, I'd move in immediately too. 

The scale is pretty much spot on for 28mm, it's about the same height as a Dreadstone Blight although the main tower isn't quite as chunky or built up round the sides. The whole lot combined covers an area about 150% of a DsB's footprint, so it's pretty big.

So if that's the lair of a beast, I need a beast to go in it, right?

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