Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Dram Afore Ye Go

Determined to leave behind a clean painting tray before I depart for the 'Boot on Friday, I really started regretting half-starting a bunch of things all at once when the Reaper box arrived and I was totally over excited.

But! I am nothing if not relentless with my painting. And there were a couple of essentials I needed to get done for the armies I'm handing over on arrival, so there was nothing to be done but spend my weekend evenings crouched furiously over the brushes.

In no particular order, and without a massive barrage of painting guides, here are the fruits of that cramped labour.

A Celtic Standing Stone, front and back, useful for scatter terrain:

The snow here is part of the model, not more crudely-glued-on baking supplies
My SAGA Viking warlord:

Warlordess. Look, any attempt at historial recreation has instantly gone out of the window because the bloody thing has horns on the helmet, I know. But it's still a good model, if a little bug-eyed, and despite the scorn of Mrs Kraken, I stand by it. 

I'm not sure my paint does the raven's rocket trail justice. I've also managed to put it where it looks like the Warlord is trying to swat it with her sword.

A trio of Beastmen, completing the small unit of Gors I started last year:


This one's pelt came out very sheepy, which I'm pleased with

So that's a unit of twelve, which serves as a tiny and impotent reminder that Beastmen were once an independent army.

Some more scatter terrain:

INT: Warehouse Contents

Someone to look after them:

Must... Broach... Keg...

This chap recently saw service as Bugman in General Stylus' Dwarf Army. I really like the model, so he got added to the list after our scrap last week.

It's the teapot that really sold me on him, I think. Very well-equipped. 

And the very very last High Elf for General Palafox's army:

No elven army should go to war without a bow-equipped hero. This one is also secretly a wasp.

The Helves have a sneaky ranger cloak magic item thing that lets the bearer and his unit set up as scouts. In my mind, this guy is wearing that and holding a Reaver bow. 

And that's it from me until after the 'Boot! Can't wait.


  1. Is the raven a nod to Odin's birds Hugin and Munin?
    (I know Hugin is 'Thought', but I forget what Munin is...)

  2. Awesome Bugman proxy, by the way. I can see why he was the last dwarf standing (squatting?) in the battle. I also like that his beverage of choice is a nice cup of tea.

    1. I'm sure he takes it with a nip of something from that wee wicker-wrapped bottle next to it.

      With the raven, I was kind of hoping for Dark Wings, Dark Ward Saves. But it's the wrong game.

  3. That third beastman somewhat reminds me of Christopher Plummer in Dragnet.