Sunday, 14 December 2014

Scarlet Accountants

Busy week, which is why I've only got half a unit done. 


This is my favourite unit so far (lucky, as I've the same again to do on them). The Black Ark Corsairs are a fine set of models, being dynamic and characterful yet surprisingly easy to paint. Something about the open poses, the large surfaces and the crisp detail meant that even though I didn't get this lot started until Wednesday, they almost flew off the brush. 

Dark Elf Pirate Captain
I'm not sure if that's a helmet or a hairstyle. 

"Shit! This should have a boat on the other end!"

The cloaks particularly sell them for me. The fine texture on the inner surface, the craggy scaled backs - got to gets me some of that. I wonder if H&M do them. 

Parp Parp

Yes, its the Harpo Marx of the Dark Elf world. He's got his brother's eyebrows, mind.

The final unit will have at least two other shades of cloak - for now, I've got blue and green. The rest will be in a similar dark, blue-rich vein (yeah, okay, at least a few in purple). The orange breastplates are to give them a bit of contrast. Overall, this makes them the brightest unit in the Delf army so far. 

Also in maroon, burgundy and chocolate.

The banner has something like four square inches of blank space! This makes me go hurrah for artistic freedom on one hand and oh bloody hell for want of talent on the other. All the same, I thought I'd push the boat out for this one. 

And then sink it with a giant octopus.

Not the small one on top of the banner. 

This one.
 Painting Guide:

  • Gloves and Boots - Rhinox Hide, Skrag Brown layer
  • Blue Cloaks - Marine Dark Blue, washed in Drakenhof Nightshade, layered with Altdorf Guard blue, highlighted with Skink Blue
  • Green Cloaks - Salamander Green washed with Green Ink, layered with Kabalite Green and highlighted Hellion Green
  • Inner Cloak - XV88, Agrax Earthshade and Tau Light Ochre layer for the edges. Yes! They've skinned some Tau!
  • Breastplates - Terracotta washed with Red Ink and layered with Trollslayer Orange. This isn't far off the way we painted Blood Angels back in the 80s, kids. 
  • Brasswear - Brass Scorpion, drybrushed with Ancient Gold
  • Metalwork - Abaddon Black with Runefang trimmings
  • Skin - Kislev Flesh washed with Flesh Wash, then layered with first Kislev Flesh again, then Pallid Wychflesh. Came about a bit Greek Tragedy this time (see the trumpeter above), I need to watch the amount of Wychflesh I use. 

"...with a little burglary!"

Invigorated by these jolly Rogers, I stuck in a character for good measure. Say hello to Captain Octopus-Head, alias Lokir Fellheart.

I've got Red Blades!

That's not an octopus for a head. This is an octopus for a head. 

This is another of General Leofa's fine conversions. If I recognise the head, it's only because I'd just painted it elsewhere. The rest is a familiar jumble of pieces from the Delf army so far, although you wouldn't know it from a distance. I thought it was authentic on first glance, back when everything was a collosal pile of purple.

I couldn't decide which colour to do his cloak, so he got a bit of both.

Nearly Christmas! The week ahead is even busier, and I may take it easy until after Jul is over. So you can only expect eighty or ninety miniatures by next Sunday.
Von Molarberg's Oil Masterpiece 'The Sack of Bimblehof'


  1. Impossible not to read this without a Robert Newton voice in my head.

  2. Aye, an it be harrrd not to paint in a likewise key, me hearty!