Monday, 8 December 2014

Help Wanted: High Elves

In a week or so, I shall be proselytising the good word of Warhammer to a potential convert. He has good knowledge of the fluff (once possessing the coveted Lost and the Damned hardback), but hasn't rolled dice in anger since around 2001. We're planning a small-scale game to see if his interest in the hobby can be rekindled.

Being a silly chap, he likes High Elves. And despite promising to write an army list for him, I have no idea about High Elves. For me, if an elf isn't sneaking around the forest dressed in earth tones, then he's no proper elf at all. I appreciate that not all will agree with me there...

"... the face ain't listening. Nor is the gold birdie on top of the face."

As this is going to be a friendly game, I'd feel better about bringing a list I didn't write myself, just to be sure I wasn't setting my opponent up to lose (for lose he SHALL! DESTROY! SMASH!... sorry, friendly game. I'll have to write that the back of my hand).

So this is my plea: I'm calling out to the wisdom of the internet for a High Elf army list (or just some pointers) along the following lines:

  • 1200pts
  • A 'tutorial' army
    (something for a beginner to keep track of - units and items with simple rules and nothing that requires advanced tactical play, such as MSU)
  • Something that gives a good introduction to the High Elf army
  • I'll be proxying everything, so there's no restrictions for what you can pick.
  • The opposing army, if it matters, will be Dwarves (from my army that hasn't really been updated since 4th Ed, so there won't be many new tricks in there).

Your thoughts would be much appreciated. And remember: you're not doing it for me, you're doing it for Warhammer...


  1. Might I suggest something along the lines of the units from the Island of Blood box set? Along the lines of a single large unit of archers, a single elite close combat bastard unit like Phoenix Guard or Swordmasters (I believe the former have fewer complex rules and are very hard to remove from a table), a medium unit of knights, a bolt thrower and a either magical general or a fighty one on a flying monster of some kind.

    Both the general options have things the Dwarves definitely can't do, which makes you feel special and smug (if they work). The bolt thrower to snipe at Dwarven war machines, the archers to outrange the dwarven guns or whittle off their stolid troopers, the Phoenix Guard to mock the Dwarven combat skills and the horses to outmanouver their walking skills.

    Or stuff that and take a Frostheart Phoenix. Those things are bastards.

  2. Well, I'll go with the majority vote: Archers, Elites, Knights and a Bolt Thrower it is.

    (I went with Swordmasters over Phoenix Guard - they're a bit cheaper and I reckon that Gen. Noob would get a kick out of their Jedi-style Deflect Shots power)

    And to throw myself completely against the tide of End Times, we're going to theme it on the bygone War of the Beard! (which limits my options, as I reckon a lot of the Dwarven stuff hadn't been invented yet)