Sunday, 7 December 2014

Gor the Merrier

Like many current governments, I don't like freeloaders. Sitting about in my cupboard, taking up space and doing nothing to earn their keep - well, enough is enough! Time to slash all their benefits, expect them to work zero hours contracts and then send them back to whatever wartorn hellhole they came from.

No! Not Poland! Anything but that!

Stuart Little finally turns

Or just rebase and retouch them so they can be fielded with my current army, filthy liberal that I am. This rather lovely selection came from two blisters I bought years back in Orc's Nest. Beastmen and Armoured Beastmen, I think they are. But what beastmen! Shades of Russ Nicholson throughout, and if used in Warhammer, very much the old 80s approach. Mutant men beasts, really.

His trousers are red in real life, not the weird pink prolapse thing the camera suggests



Because they're proper lead, the kind you don't see these days because it slowly kills you, those long polearms twist like corkscrews at the slightest opportunity. Between that and a spell in my 'random lead creatures' box, the paint was a bit flaked. Other than touch it up with some washes, highlights and patches, I haven't really changed it. About fourteen years old, it was, and it's held up surprisingly well.

My freehand hasn't improved any.

No painting guide for these guys, because I've got no idea any more. It was a long time ago. I've still got some of the original paints in the box, though, plugging happily away. Good old Blood Red. Age shall not weary it, nor the years condemn*.

Crocodile Dunfermline

The only real work was cutting up Piggy and Rammy and turning them into a banner and musician. No fancy chopping here, just the insertion of some plastic bits from the box.

That mark of Khorne on the breastplate was painted 14 years ago? I went backwards for a long time, clearly.

Reaper Beastman
Piggy Sees You

Nine strong, which isn't a useful number in 8th Ed. Luckily my Reaper haul (once it ever arrives) will plump their ranks up to twelve. I'd likely field them as Bestigors in a Legions of Chaos list, but there's also the chance that those freaky mutations might earn them the option of Forsaken. Time shall tell.

No unit coherence at all. Love it. 

*This is not remotely true, it's a thick rubbery plug at the bottom of the hex pot and requires stern whipping with water before use. But find me a modern citadel paint that can still be used after fifteen years and I'll show you someone else's brand with a photocopied label stuck on.

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  1. Gor, Blimey!

    Also: I may have seen too many cartoons, but that crocodile beastman looks just like the captain of the guard from Disney's Robin Hood.