Narrative Campaign: The Wizard's Cup

Eight wizards, each leading mirrored Empire armies, take on their fellow spellcasters in an escalating knockout competition to decide which magical college is the greatest.

The actual battles are player-perspective, with the narrative provided before and after each conflict.

Quarter-Final 1: Fire vs Death

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
Gesper studied the interaction of the other Winds of Magic with Shyish, the purple wind of death. After many years, he'd had decided that he needed to experience death in order to complete his studies, a death that had to be directly caused by an incantation of another Lore's magic.

Quarter-Final 2: Heavens vs Beasts

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
"Of the skies!"
"Of the land!"
"It has wings! It is quite clearly an emblem of the skies!"
"It's got the heart of a beast, the mind of a beast and the temper of a wild bloody beast! If you think it's anything but a beast, you're an even greater clod than you look!"

Quarter-Final 3: Shadow vs Life

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
"You're a plague in the town's body, nothing more, Farren!" Arabella Artz called into the empty museum. "It's time to cure the disease!"
Beside her, the captain of the town's soldiers stood alert, sword drawn in one hand, lantern held aloft in the other. His men were scattered through the wings of the museum behind them.
"There's nothing there," he whispered to her. "Just shadows."

Quarter-Final 4: Metal vs Light

Schaeffer felt more like a mechanic than a wizard. It didn't help that he was knee-deep in thaumachanical valve tubing and holding a colossal wrench-stave. Still, he'd spent years first becoming one of Nuln's foremost Gold Wizards. And years more working on the Deliverance Engine. Years again convincing the Light College to work with him.
Today, it would all pay off.

Semi-Final 1: Death vs Beasts

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
"The guard has already attempted to remove this madman from the city. Thirty of them are dead. More wounded or maddened themselves. They are not equipped to deal with wizards."

Semi-Final 2: Shadow vs Light

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
The Grey Wizard was trussed and bound. A chunk of obsidian had been wrapped in a gag and slotted into his mouth. Arcane wind sinks were engraved into the copper bowl he lay in. There would be no tricks, no illusions to hide behind.

Final: Death vs Shadow

Prologue - Battle - Epilogue
'I have uncovered a conspiracy,' Undrache wrote. 'A dark man, beholden to nobody. He has grown old, but feels he still has work to do. He will not explain to them what this work is. He will not entrust it to them or others. He has instead turned to magics that even the Grey College describe as questionable to preserve his mission."

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