Sunday, 12 February 2017

Varied Piracy

Let's get our Spock on.

Another twenty of the elves of tomorrow. More conversions from the original Kabalite Raiders, these are similarly shorn of helmet spikes and weapon bayonets. Those bayonets have made a reappearance here, however, added on backs as swords. Just in case anyone makes it through the hail of futuristic fire the giant rifles can pour out.

This lot all have much bigger rifles than the Guardians from last week, so the intention is that they can be fielded as Eldar Scouts. Not quite sure what's up with their cameleoline cloaks, if so, maybe stuck on Brothel mode? Their other battlefield role is to be Corsairs, which they seem much more comfortable as.

Rose red was the brief for these guys, Their green trims, for contrast, does make them look possibly a little, well, elfish? Santa's grimdark workshop, type thing. I wondered about either black thorn emblems or white candycane stripes, but both felt a bit busy in the end. More green from the gemstones on their shoulders, and a bit of gloss work for plain black helmets.

Their guns are done with Soulstone Green, a technical paint I bought last year with the Eldar in mind. It's not bad stuff, reflective and glossy and best used over a bright silver. My thinking is the ones with green are actively firing their guns, and it's some kind of advanced particle physics thing going on. Don't know that I rate the paint for gemstones, though, it's lazy and quick but not as eyecatching as a well-daubed spot of white. I have some other ideas for its use, though, and it's a nice colour too. Also available in red and blue, I hear.

Painting Guide:

Undercoat - Army Painter Black
Red - Khorne Red, washed with Carroberg Crimson. then drybrushed with Astorath Red. A second sparing drybrush of Changeling Pink was intended to make it rosier, but came out a bit pale, so I did some Wild Rider Red highlights that turned out nicely
Guns - Rhinox Hide drybrushed with Scrag Brown
Gun Barrels - Ironbreaker and Stormhost Silver drybrushed over the undercoat, then Soulstone Green if the gun looks like the owner is firing it. This was done after the Purity Seal varnish spray, to keep it as shiny as possible
Helmets - Abaddon Black if needed to touch up the undercoat where other colours had infected it, then a drybrush of Eshin Grey and post-varnish 'Ardcoat
Flesh - Slaanesh Grey highlighted with Rakaarth Flesh and then Rakaarth Flesh with Ulthuan Grey mixed in. I meant to go back and do the eyes with black, I notice I have forgotten. bah
Green Bits - Incubi Darkness and Kabalite Green. The bulbs on the guns had Putrid Green touches, along with a White Scar stripe, the eyes likewise got a bit of Putrid Green
Metallics - Brass Scorpion over the undercoat
Bases - Stirland Mud with Sylvaneth Bark drybrush, then Gloss Agrax Earthshade after the varnish to make it a bit wetter and muddier. Secret Weapon Water Effect dripped on to any potholes, Middenland Tufts for flare

That is the back of the Eldar Army broken with the swiftness one usually associates with elven spines. I've got all the Aspects up next, but I think I'll pad them out with other stuff. Units of six make for excellent sidebars, and I reckon I can do a couple a week and still get other models done too. Like some of the scenery I picked up recently...

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