Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pusman's Holiday

Time for a quick break from space elves. 
Nurgle floats my boat in terms of painting, I like the models and they always seem to come out well with minimal effort. Is it the sculpting? Is it my medical expertise kicking in and getting the boils to turn out well? Some kind of repulsive synergy, anyway.

They've really outdone themselves in terms of sheer number of pustules this time.
And worms. And missing flesh. And drippy bits. And pulsing veins. The whole model is a poster boy for the perils of Diabetes, honestly.

I didn't really like this model back in the End Times, it seemed busy and over the top in a way that didn't really gel with 8th Ed. Now, in AoS, it's just fine, and I had a blast painting it for General Kas. 

Truly British dentition.
Eyes in the back of his, er, back.
And also up top, where they may be more useful.

The base Maggoth is a nice, wobbly chap, totally in need of a zit cream. This particular one is Whippertongue, I think, although he's magnetised and ready for swappable riders. 

Of the three, and I can't remember their real names other than how stupidly Grimdaaark they were, Mr Blobby here is my least favourite. Which isn't to say I don't like him, just that he's a bit boring, a generic Lesser Unclean One with a rusty scythe. No designers were pushed to the brink of madness on this one. His Hitler moustache was an accident, but it's staying on.

Teddy Two-Axes is rather better, with his ghastly horn mutation. The axes are nasty looking chunks of metal, and he clearly has the mania to help push them through people's faces. 

The one I like best is Wormy McWormerson. There is something genuinely repellant about those maggots and flies, he actually makes me shudder a bit. Probably a repressed memory in there somewhere, I expect, I'll get on to it at my next psyche evaluation. 


The painting guide is incomplete, I'm afraid - too much going on for me to remember exactly how I did all of it. Just a few notes for the bits I was most pleased with.

Painting Guide:

  • Basecoat - Army Painter Green of some kind, not sure, Kas did it
  • Maggoth Flesh - Secret Weapon Algae Green wash, then Goblin Green, Rotting Flesh and Hellion Green drybrushes. Drakenhof Nightshade over the veins after this
  • Boils - Averland Sunset, then Red Ink wash with the tops wiped swiftly clean after application. Bad Moon Yellow dabbed on in spots to represent loculation, then a Pallid Wychflesh highlight on the upper side of the bigger ones
  • Horns - XV88, Agrax Earthshade, Ushabti Bone Drybrush, Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black for the tips
  • Tongue - Abaddon Black, Incubi Darkness drybrush on the upper side, 'Ardcoat finish
  • Armour Plates - Steel Legion Drab, Ironbreaker edging then Agrax Earthshade then Biel-Tan Green washes, Warpstone Glow highlights

I did some other Nurgle Riders alongside these, but they can wait until their mounts are ready. Terrain and Reaper stuff for the end of the month, then on with the Eldar in March. Until then, crude photoshopping!


  1. Excellent model - I also didn't like it in 8th Ed, but it's a cracking AoS addition and very well painted. Wormy McWormerson is definitely the best rider too - I wonder if the daemon-faced one would work on a swarm base centrepiece as some kind of outsized nurgling?

    1. Oo, yeah, a bunch of squirmy greenstuff tentacles with Nurglings crawling all over them would be nice.

      Kas, do you still have the spare alternative faces from the Maggoths kicking about? Any plans for them if not? I have some Meirce Resin chunks that might benefit from their toothy maws...

  2. Negative. I converted him a Daemon Prince of Nurgle from the spare parts and a splash of green stuff.