Saturday, 16 January 2016

The First Cult is the Deepest

Crypt Angels! Has it nearly been a month already? I'm lagging. Probably our internet provider's fault, I'll call them tomorrow.

This batch is the last of the scout/cultists. We're getting near the end of this project, at long last - just under forty left to do now, including some very fine character models and a couple of fun vehicles.

This was the last slog squad, for as much as I like cultists, the blocks of red and black are starting to weary me a tad.

Nice conversions, as before. Imperial Guard, Empire Fanatics and Dark Vengeance cultists, chucked in a blender. Not my work, I hasten to add, they're far too well put-together.

Go go Gadget flail arm!

I like the guy on the right, who has random wires poking out of his head. 

The heavy weapon guy is my favourite conversion, though - based on an Ork body, if I guess correctly, with green stuff freak arms. 

There's a second squad for this week. More of the Crypt Angels Definitely-Not-Heretics Squaddies, courtesy of the Possessed CSMs:

Good models, these, I really like The Thing vibe they're rocking. Good excuse to slop out the BftBG paint.

And a pair of heroes, because that's my rule for painting blocks of army filler.

First, a veteran captain or sergeant, who will be billed as the leader of the Scout company. The rusty plate he's squatting on is my first use of etched brass - weird stuff, that, much tougher than I expected. Same thickness as tin foil but way more rigid.

Second is another Terminator Librarian, whose eyes are much more glowy than expected. 

Next, some fantasy models! A little of everything, I think, I'm mindful of my pledge to try and finish painting everything in the cupboard this year.

Dungeon Saga Dark Elf Assassin, a nice model entirely lacking any game rules at present and thus a strange choice for the Kickstarter. Would make a good Elven Rogue, mind you.
A Reaper Dwarven Blackguard, who will go in the Frostgrave Enchanter warband as their Barbarian.

This is a Preyton. Forge World make a much bigger one, this is smaller than many Space Marines. Really odd model, somehow. I know it's a medieval heraldic creature and thus freakily abnormal, but the deer-chicken look is pretty far out.

And finally! Rumours that GW is finally bringing back the Sisters of Battle may be greeted with mixed feelings by many fans.

Sister Superior Coltrane

 Finally finally, Happy Birthday General Kasfunatu! Sorry I didn't manage to finish the army in time for this one, you've got something else in the post instead.


  1. More nuns with guns!

    I like the Preyton (oh, how I covet the FW one), although I think the mythological name is 'Peryton'. Maybe they misspelled it to get copyright (or else they didn't want to remind people that the Perry brothers have left the studio).

    1. Peryton sounds a bit hobbity to me, I can see why they'd go 'prey-ton' to get the whole gothic grimdark predator thing going. We should all be glad it wasn't a skullyskylldarkgrimskull, really.