Saturday, 9 January 2016

Mural's Avengers III: Storm Warning

The final addition to the nursery walls has arrived! (okay, so maybe not the final addition, not just yet)

Who appears to be throwing out lots of blue wool.

Ororo Munroe, Storm of the X-Men. One of the most powerful, versatile and interesting characters in Marvel's mutant canon. Not that you'd know if from the films (Halle Berry adding the Wind Rider to Catwoman in the list of superhero characters she's stuffed up).

They've recast the role for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse (although even I'm struggling to maintain interest in that franchise any more), and gone with a younger, relatively unknown actress (I guess Lupita Nyong'o was too much to hope for). My guess is that, in a film packed with A-listers, she won't see much screen time beyond a few lightning bolts and the odd quip about what happens to toads.

Either way, that's the mural done - there isn't really a way of making Wolverine look baby-cute, so he didn't make the cut (snikt!)

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