Sunday, 1 February 2015

WoffBoot IX: Mark Your Calendar

With the End Times charging on apace, we've had a bit of a ReBoot of the WoffBoot, and have come up with some tournament amendments.

... or you could just use the back of an envelope.

Everything below is an update from the previous post, for discussion as always:


17-19 April
  • Friday - starts at noon: 0-2 battles each
  • Saturday - full day: 2-4 battles each
  • Sunday - concludes at noon: 1 battle each


0. VENUE: 

Kasfunatu Towers


Round Robin tournament, with players being matched according to availability.

2. SIZE: 

  • Armies will be 1,600 points maximum.
  • Composition according to 8th Ed or End Times (detailed below)


You may bring up to two variants of your army list:

  • 'End Times' list (anticipating use of all the ET rules, filthy as you like)
  • '8th Ed' list (less optimised 'friendly' list, similar to those of previous 'Boots).
On a per-game basis, both players agree (or roll a die, if they can't agree) which version they will play beforehand: End Times or 8th Ed.

  • End Times or 8th Ed will use their respective magic systems.
  • End Times characters and units may only be included in End Times lists.
  • You may bring the same list to play both versions (although it will have to exclude End Times characters and units to be universally applicable).


Each game will be a Pitched Battle by default.
(other scenarios - selected from the BRB or ET as appropriate - can be played by agreement).


VPs awarded as per the rulebook, with the addition of the 'Fleeing Units' house rule:

  • Active and >=50%: 0%
  • Fleeing and >=50%: 25%
  • Active and <50%: 50%
  • Fleeing and <50%: 75%
  • Destroyed/Fled off the table: 100%


The following scoring system to be used:

  • Difference in VPs ("VPs you scored" minus "VPs scored by opponent) divided by "VPs scored by the winner": this gives a result for each bout between -1 and +1.
  • This numerical result is then translated into a Battle Point score (BP) out of 20, displayed on the table below.
  • Each general's VP20 score is added up to determine a winner.

VP %
BP - Win
BP - Loss


8th Ed: Standard 2D6 power dice for magic phase, as stated in the rulebook.

End Times: End Times Magic (as detailed in End Times; Khaine)

  • Chaos table is based on the first two magic dice; player get sum of 4, dispelling gets sum of highest 2
  • Chaos ascending: Ignore the rule about doubles and unbreakable and selecting god. All chaos wizards get the summon spell.


Opening ceremony staggered (as players arrive), with full disclosure of army lists. Units are identified, questions answered and special rules explained including magic items.


All the Grudges are recorded in the Great Book of Grudges.
  • A grudge allows for a second boast to be played from the list of boasts (below) against the grudged general.
  • A grudge is settled only when the grudged general is beaten (not the boast scored, although the points are still claimed). Therefore a bonus boast could be played several times over several years and always claimed points if grudger never wins.
  • Similarly, a grudge may be cleared even if the bonus boast is not achieved.
  • Stacking grudges are only noted for bragging rights, and do not increase their value


Each player is to nominate one of the following boasts that they feel they can achieve during the game. Achieve your boast and receive 100VPs.

The boasts available to be chosen are as listed below. Each boast can only be played once (including any bonus boasts from grudges).


Players achieve this boast if the opponent's general is not on the table at the conclusion of the game. Generals who have fled off the table count as "assassinated" for the purposes of this scenario.


Players achieve this boast if their general remains on the table at the conclusion of the game.


Players achieve this boast if they have one non-fleeing unit completely within the opponent's deployment zone at the conclusion of the game.

Bunker Down

Players achieve this boast if and opponent scores 0% from your most expensive unit.

Hold Out

Players achieve this boast if their opponent does not have any non-fleeing enemy units completely within their deployment zone at the conclusion of the game.

Capture the Flag

Capture more standards (including Battle Standards) than you lose. If the number of standards captured is even, the mission has failed.

Contain Power

Players achieve this boast if the opponent’s most expensive unit (as written on their Army List) is not on the table at the conclusion of the game. In the case of a player having two equal "most expensive" units, nominate one of these units at the start of the game.

King of the Castle

Hold more terrain pieces than your opponent at the end of the game (buildings must Garrisoned; woods, swamps, ruins must be uncontested and occupied by more than 50% of the unit's footprint). If the number of terrain pieces held is even, the mission has failed.


Players achieve this boast if they hold more table quarters than the opponent at the conclusion of the game. A quarter is held by having more non-fleeing units completely within it than your opponent does. Quarters with an equal number of units within will be considered held by no one.

Surgical strike

Destroy more special and rare choices from your opponent’s army than you lose yourself. If the kill count is a draw the mission has failed.

Players & armies

  • East: Tomb Kings / Undead Legions
  • Kasfunatu: Dark Elves / Host of the Eternity King
  • Kraken: Warriors of Chaos / Legions of Chaos
  • Leofa: Skaven / Skaven
  • Stylus: Wood Elves / Host of the Eternity King


  1. How many points for a Mark of Calendar?

  2. ...and actually, while I'm thinking about it - I've previously made the offer of bringing odds and ends from my collection for anyone who wants them. Particularly the new Reaper stuff (if it's there in time, still in a container in Dallas somewhere last I heard).

    So far, I'm bringing:

    1. Assorted Elven Sprites and Woodland Beasts for Stylus
    2. Assorted Undead Generals and Characters for Kas
    3. The Dark Elves, also for Kas
    4. Genestealers for Leofa
    5. Other Elves for Other Generals

    Any requests for stuff from the bits box, extra Woffboot scenery or freebies from the Reaper bag? I'd quite like to donate stuff to any participating general (similar to 1 and 2), but I don't know what everyone collects at the moment - shout out your wishlists!

    1. Nothing additional for me, but I'm looking forward to the Wood Elf swag, ta muchly.

      I'm not sure what I can bring to the party that hasn't already been spoken-for in my numerous other project baggies. I have about a hundred spare goblin arms? Ideal for scratch-building that goblinipede!

    2. That reminds me, let's add The Human Centipede I and II to the film night.

    3. Never heard of it, but I assume it's a family-friendly romp along the same lines as The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    4. ...yes. More or less. I wouldn't potty train using it, mind.

  3. A thought I had regarding our End Times/8th Ed. split: are we planning to modify the ET Magic rules (as we've mooted in the last few battle reports - no spamming, no random power etc) or just go for full-tilt ET with all the trimmings?

    If the latter, no problem. If the former, then maybe we don't need the End Times/8th Ed. split after all, since we're just creating a set of house rules using both ("8th Times" or "End Ed.").