Thursday, 12 February 2015

25 Carrots

Nothing like getting a good solid infantry unit under your belt to set you up for the evening, I think.

This is the core of General Palafox's army, a nice block of elven spears. A good solid defensive block. You'd call it a tarpit unit if they weren't elves. Having the durability of a cheese slice in a volcano takes some of the tar out for me. I suppose that worked for cigarettes, though, so why not elves?


Sticking to the established red, yellow and gold, they have a good spangly look. The gold came out well, thanks once more to my mentor, the internet. I laughed when I first read the suggestion to use purple ink for shading. I'm not laughing now.

A golden sword? Good luck keeping an edge on that.

The banner is a lovely Stylus conversion of an Eagle's Claw crewman, complete with what is almost certainly going to be a Banner of the World Dragon at some stage. I'm led to understand that all High Elves have one these days, because it's broken and why wouldn't you. Personally? I wouldn't because I don't like winning enough.

Gold Standard. Did You Know - the weight of standard High Elf infantry kit is about 50% gemstones? And the fact that this guy is the only trooper in the unit to carry any sort of pack is a testament to the power of Lembas.

They got phoenix emblems on their shields, partly because I reckoned I didn't like the plastic bosses they come with and wanted something else, and partly because then you can them field them as Phoenix Guard without feeling too cheesy about it.

I'm Elite. Don't look at the elf behind the shield. Don't look!

There are in fact only twenty elves here. A spot of unit filler will be making up the rest, starting with this bloke who's just popped out for a breather and will definitely be back for roll call, cover for me if I'm not there lads.

Looking a bit thin, Corporal Glimfondel, even if you are an elf. 

The other guy isn't here yet.

Or he just burst, we aren't sure. 

We have a plan for this, to be revealed in time. Some of it is nearly in place - when seen from above, you may be able to spot a pattern emerging on the bases. The rubbish photo doesn't help, but even so, it needs a bit more contrast, I think. Getting there.

Crafty touch though it may be, it also means the unit ranks up in a specific order. This is a bit of a bugger, because I put them all back in the box without making my planned marks on the bases. Ah. Lucky I've got these pictures, then.

Always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know

Painting Guide:

  • Primer - Skull White
  • Reds - Khorne Red basecoat, Blood Red and Wild Rider Red layers, WRR+White Scar drybrush
  • Yellows - Averland Sunset basecoat, Golden Yellow and Bad Moon Yellow layers, Hexos Palesun drybrush
  • Scale Mail - Rhinox Hide basecoat, Burnished Gold drybrush, a touch of Yellow Ink here and there
  • Plate Mail - Burnished Gold basecoat, Agrax Earthshade on detailed recesses, Yellow Ink wash over all, a second Druchii Violet wash over recesses, Auric Armour Gold then Runefang Silver drybrushes, the latter being very light
  • Spears - Steel Legion Drab shafts, Abaddon Black tips with Mithril Silver, Drakenhof Nightshade wash, then Runefang Silver drybrush
  • Skin - Ironic Dwarf Flesh basecoat, Agrax Earthshade and Flesh Wash inking
  • Boots - Abaddon Black with a Pallid Wychflesh drybrush
  • Trim - White Scar
  • Gems - As before, Abaddon Black with Deadly Nightshade, Teclis Blue, Etherium Blue and White Scar build up
  • Shield Devices - A black laundry marker pen for the base, which felt like cheating until I discovered it's just as easy to screw up as using a brush. Eshin and Codex Grey touches.

No characters this week. I've done some scenery instead, but I'll post that elsewhere. This army is a nice achievable size, so I don't need to power through the way I did their Dark cousins. Still, more to come!

You're indestructible
Unless you're not really Phoenix Guard

Trivia - if you want to go hunting for gold seams, why not try the goldspear? That's what Google thought I wanted to look up when I was searching for inspiration for title puns. 

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