Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wood Elves, ready for tournament

Hi all, Hope you are all well.

Here is my painted Wood Elves, ready for a tournament in December.

Hope to see you all soon.


  1. Very nice - the colour theme works really well, I love the bases! (and where did you get the monolith for the Great Eagle?)

    Good luck with the tournament - no Wild Riders or Wardancers? Is your strategy to use lots of missles/chaff, and have the Treekin/Treeman as an anvil?

  2. The flying base and all the archer bases was from a company called base x war. Wardancers just ain`t worth the points in all honesty. The most competitive units are small glade guard and the dryads. I love the Treeman and the Treekin to much to leave them out :). The overall strategy is to fire as many shots as I can, make them chase around small units of low value troops, and hopefully position my Treekin to hit the right units.

    I will be using a SpellWeaver on Life magic, hoping for regrowth, dwellers etc.

    I have used this list quite a few times now with varying results. It is a hard tactic to pull off, but if you get it right it can be devastating.

  3. "... if you get it right it can be devastating."
    As I've learned to my cost...

    Base X of War do great stuff - I've already earmarked a few of their designs for a future army overhaul (I'd like to put Dwarves on proper granite slabs - none of this grass business!)

  4. Yes that's going to be my next project as well, I will push through and finish all the Wood Elves first. Then I think I will tackle the Dwarves or maybe the Dark Elves with the new book etc they are very fun to play.