Friday, 20 September 2013

Double the tentacles, quarter the price

Wibble wibble.

Okay, I didn't actually count all the tentacles. But I'm sure I'm giving the official Mutalith Vortex Beast a run for its money. I'm helped in this by the twin facts that it can't run, being a model, and it costs far too much.

This is technically one of the Dark Young of Shub-Nigurrath, a CoC miniature from the mid-nineties that I purchased from a particularly hobby-ish hobby shop in Oxford. You know, the kind full of obscure German tile-laying games from ten years ago, run by a pushy hippy who keeps recommending stuff until your wallet caves in. I don't recall what it cost, probably less than a tenner; I think the GW-supplied base cost as much if not more.

Tonight, Matthew, I will be both Hulk and Nightcrawler. 

I've spruced it up with a scratch-built mutating victim, crawling desperately away from the beast as he deforms. Viking legs, marauder torso, HQ fimir tail neck, DnD troll arm, etc etc.

The head is the Nurgle-themed one from the chariot kit. I didn't quite do the detail on the right eye justice. It's popped out of its socket and is heading south, but you can't really see it here.

I've since added a lick of gloss for that extra gooey feel.

There's also a secondary tentacled blob lurking about, possibly another victim or just something that was until recently one of the beast's ears, either works. This was a baby version of the CoC shoggoth model I've got somewhere, a friendly little amoeboid thing.

I think I probably have enough Rare choices to be going on with for now (giant, shaggoth, this). My mind is slowly turning towards horsemen or knights, but it will be a long time before I spend any more on this army. There's still far too many unassembled saxons to contemplate any more purchasing, and I've got a very respectable hoard to show for it.


  1. I have 5 horsemen and 7 knights for sale, all reassuringly heavily constructed in metal and therefore abhorrent to me! ;-). They are well-painted so shouldn't interfere with your painting schedule!

  2. I have no money to offer, all reassuringly crafted in invisible ink and therefore only spendable by the most intelligent emperors! Deal?

    1. "Please accept this photograph of a five-pound note."