Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lead For Sale

Seeing as my entire army for the MuffBoot is going to be a loaner, I figured I should give something back to the community. Figures, namely. See what I did there?

You cannot prevent what does not possess a Euclidian base.
I had a hunt through my several score bags, boxes, trunks, lumber rooms and shipping containers of miniatures to see if there was anything around that might be of use to anyone else. On the whole, there isn't, as none of us have a chaos army. I'd have a plethora of spawn, sorcerors and lords if so.

But here and there are a couple that might give you some additional options for your line-up. Just let me know if any of these tickle your fancy, I'll bring them over with me. Due to my confounded basing policy, they would probably need a last minute 'blu-tack and a plastic square' treatment to fit into ranks, but I'm sure none of us are so anal that we'd make that a preventative issue. Right?

In no particular order, here's a few heroes for the job mart, starting with a trio of wanna-be Empire Priests: -

I have a hammer. I'll hammer in the morning.
I've got the evening covered, then.
And I'll go all over this la... bugger. 
Also for the righteous forces of order, a Witch Hunter who's perhaps been around a few too many cults of Slaanesh: -

I'm Buffy. I'm new. 
Or how about this charming Jade wizard? 

I'm Osbane Wintrwood. I'm old. What do you mean, you've never heard of me?

There's also an all-purpose armoured leader type, and his pal the Shallyan Healer, who might double as yet another Empire Priest type. The former is a converted Black Templar, who's also seen service as Sebastian Fitz-Gabriel in another life, the latter (as most of these are) is a Reaper miniature from Orc's Nest. 

By the Emperor! Why isn't my power armour working properly?
She healed others. Her squint she could not heal. 

In terms of neutral monsters, if such things exist, here's a big black dragon that hopefully nobody can afford: -

There's only one of these in the Emperor's Zoo. Let's keep it there. 

And this could either be some kind of freakish Ogre thing, those ones they keep in pits, or a Vampire Counts ghoul-horror-crypt-lord-fatty-whatever: -

Toffee apples have a much higher protein content than you'd think. 
My name's Albert. I'm Bretonnian. I'm also an Owlbear, for which there are no rules in this system. And my paint job isn't done. So I really have no place here at all. Goodbye. 

So much for the neutrals - on to the forces of darkness. Opposing all those Empire priests are an attractive pair of necromantic sorcerors: - 

I keep meaning to dye my hair. Blond just doesn't  go with this skin tone. 
Mmmfm fmmmff mffmph
And these two could easily be heroic wights or vampires, although I still need to finish off the second one: -

I love that weapon shop, they gift-wrap everything for free.

I'm angry because I'm not finished!

I've obviously been searching through the boxes to supplement my own troops, if I'm honest. This chap is almost certainly going to make an appearance, although not with his ludicrously expensive canon stats: -

RAAARH! No, wait, what is it again? Blaargh?  Nyaaaargh?

Let me know if anyone is desperately seeking for some gribbly monster or particular hero type, I may well be able to assist. In the meantime, I'm going back to forcibly inserting an appendix into the O&G army book that allows units of these.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag


  1. The spaghetti-eating monster certainly looks ferocious, but my favourite has to be Owlbear - that big fella is just crying out for a hug.

    If you are itching to use that Beholder for O&G, it would make a good Mangler Squig...

    I'm hoping to use a Warrior Priest in my mish-mash mercenaries, but I've already got a model for it (and it's far less appropriate than any of the three offered - tune in tomorrow for details).

  2. Oo, mangler squig - there's an idea I hadn't considered previously. On your own heads be it.