Saturday, 21 July 2012

Some works in progress

Now I have a [machine] gun, ho-ho-ho

Hit em up, move em out, roll em out... RAWHIDE

Scared yet? you should be... you should be


  1. Very impressive (and slightly terrifying - I assume all those beasties won't fit into a 1,000pt army).

    I like the paintwork on the Rhinox fur (just a base coat and highlights?), as well as the overall muted colours of the models. Mine seem to look glossier (even before varnishing), which I suspect is due to the inks I use.

  2. Don't worry: They won't "all" fit ... ;)

    Fur, I think was just black spray and then highlights; no base cost as such, but first highlight was pretty thorough.

  3. Generally, the more matt effect that Ben gets is due to his layering painting style whereas, I believe, you still use ye olde wash and dry-brush?

  4. By the way, who is this "Ben Dards" dude? Some kind of alter-ego Kas?

  5. I know who he is. He keeps turning up in my inbox; Google kindly translates his name from Swedish for me, his real name is Bone Standards. He must be the Vampire Counts Banner Bearer.

    1. I like it. I think his next VC general has been Christened. Or is that anathema to VCs...