Monday 1 July 2024

I Got Squat


What better to cleanse my palette after all those dwarves than more dwarves?

The dream here is still to have a complete Necromunda roster. That's despite 

  • never being able to compete with the release schedule
  • rarely playing the game
  • disliking some of the extra gang models (the extra Goliaths and Van Saar in particular did nothing for me)

I'm not here to question my blind completionism, however, merely to obey its dictates. 

Squat Prospectors look like a hoot to me. I like the retro armour. I like the fact that they aren't too proud to call themselves actual Squats instead of Leagues of Votann. I like the fact that they bring more firepower to a gang than even Van Saar can hope to match. Here is the beginnings of a Squat gang, then, the standard box set options. 

Those deep-set faces are not easy to paint. Well worth keeping them separate and painting them on sticks, if you can face that hassle instead.

I'm aiming for a plasma globe effect on the hammer. Not quite there, but not bad either.

Painting Scheme:

  • Red Armour - light grey basecoat with Baal Crimson contrast, Agrax Earthshade wash, then chippy sponging layers of Pure Red, Rhinox Hide and Pure Red plus Lava Orange. Highlights of Elven Flesh
  • Black Bits - Black Templar highlighted with Necromancer's Cloak and Mummy Robes, then washed with Nuln Oil
  • Fabric - Desert Yellow, Seraphim Sepia wash, a mix of Desert Yellow and Skeleton Bone highlights
  • Visors - Black, then Navy Blue layered upwards towards white with Ahriman Blue
  • Bases - local coarse sand, Medium Grey, Nuln Oil and Ash Grey drybrush

More to come for these guys, but I cannot wait to give them a spin on the table. A slow, tough, shooty gang, they're expensive to outfit and probably few in number to begin with, but lots of nice options for earning bonus cash. All of which they hose out of their ludicrous guns in short order, I'm sure!

They would also be well-placed to try some outside action. Did I mention I want to try the vehicle rules?

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  1. You should totally see if you can stick these in your bag for this coming weekend. I love that they're Squats rather than LoV and they look awesome