Thursday, 8 February 2018

EXT: Research Post

Apparently, if I ever stop painting, the Tower of London will immediately collapse into a heap of ravens.

With naught but 48 hours before the 'Boot (and none of that is painting time), I managed somehow to crank out the last few objectives I needed for a full set. Almost, anyway. They aren't quite done, there's a last few components I need that are on their way to be glued on afterwards. And there's a couple of final painting touches that I'd like to do, but frankly, they can wait for a time when I'm less tired.

So! We already have Objectives 1-3 and 6 (the Secondary Generator). Behold the mind-warping insanity of Objective 4...

In honour of the armies partaking of the 'Boot, most of the objectives are themed to a particular team. This is here for Tzeentch, as some kind of sorcererous artefact embedded in the muck. Tzeentch uses these to create enormous and elaborate sherry trifles, I believe. 
Mysterious silver spheres - lovely to behold, but a bugger to photograph.

...and the deceptive putridity of Objective 5!

Seems safe enough, right? (Although it also probably needs a '5' painted on it somewhere for ease of memory)
But no! For Nurgle has worked his bountiful magic on the contents.
There is no P in our ool. Although there is a corpse in a wicker cage, so that's nice.

And then because obviously, I can stop whenever I want, I carried on and did a couple of quick buildings before lunch.

Bunker 1-A

These were build around Christmas out of chunks of polystyrene toy packaging, which for some reason we had a glut of around that time. You can see their debut in this battle report, back before they were painted.

The Inquisitorial seal on the roof used to be my keychain, long ago when I was younger and had less shame.

Nothing very complex, just some card and plastic accessories glued on to the sides and top, as well as a layer of PVA-soaked kitchen paper (quite a tough Swedish brand called Torky) for texture and durability. Then multiple layers of Concrete Texture paint from the local hobby shop, a crude dabbing of algal greens for weathering (and I may yet go back and neaten this up a bit, it's not as good as it could be).

All the paper labels were sourced and printed from the internet, by looking up '28mm modelling posters' on Google.

They are mostly much-needed line of sight blockers, so that I have enough large terrain pieces for the two tables the 'Boot requires. But they're also part of the longer term plan, the ruined research facility deep in the jungle.

Lab 7D has seen better days.
The bigger one has a few spare bits of stuff from General Kas's ruins as a doorway, an old plastic glue lid on top of a tube of Revels as a tower, an aircon unit made from a cavalry slotta base and some roof walkways made from GW's ill-fated 'DIY Unit Movement Tray' kit. Remember those? Yeah, me neither.
Particularly round the back, where the containment breach feasibly occurred.
Nice view from the roof, mind you. Good firing lines too. 

Okay, that really is it now. I promise. No more painting until after I lose this tournament. Gentlemen, to battle!

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