Saturday, 12 September 2015

More Bull

Duh dum.
Durrh dum.
Dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

It's not a competitive spirit that had me painting up a pair of gribblies this week. I'd prepped them for paint before I read Stylus's splendid Cockatrice post, but it certainly inspired me to do something monstrous.


These two are both classic DnD monsters, courtesy of Reaper. Reaper has a lovely habit of avoiding copyright disputes when it names its minis. This is, for example, a 'Burrowing Horror', a nice non-specific name that could be anything. 

I'm sure it's pure coincidence that this happens by chance to resemble a Bulette, or Land Shark, an armadillo-ish tunnelling monster that's been around in DnD for some years. He's a nice chunky, grinning sculpt either way, and was quick and fun to paint.

Painting Guide:

  • Base: Steel Legion Drab all over, then Agrax Earthshade all over
  • Talons and Teeth: Ushabti Bone, Nuln Oil on the teeth and Agrax Earthshade on the claws
  • Crest: Lined with Rhinox Hide, then layered with Ushabti Bone and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull
  • Flanks: Once the Agrax was dry, a drybrush of Zandri Desert and a little Tyrant Skull
  • Eyes: Abaddon Black with a big blob of 'Ardcoat. 

Elsewhere, a large Brass Bull.

Another very quick paintjob. This one, despite his name, might feasibly see use in DnD as a Gorgon. DnD only rarely ignores classic mythology when raiding it for inspiration. Gorgons in DnD are bovine beasts covered in metal plates, and they breath clouds of green, petrifying gas. Dunno why they decided on that particular twist, but there you go.

Painting Guide:

  • Base: Abaddon Black
  • Scales: Balthazar Gold, washed with Druchii Violet, then layered with Balthazar Gold again, then drybrushes of Auric Armour Gold blended with Balthazar, Runelord Brass or Runefang Silver. 'Ardcoat to finish. 
  • Hooves and Horns: Typhus Corrosion, Leadbelcher and Runefang Silver
  • Tiles: Either Ungor Flesh or XV88 base, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then drybrushed with Tyrant Skull. Wazdakka Red or Altdorf Guard Blue squares, then another layer of Tyrant Skull afterwards
  • Eyes: Wazdakka Red, Wild Rider Red, Trollslayer Orange and Golden Yellow, all inexpertly blended together in a rush so they came out as a mid-red with no discernible layers. Good, job's done.

Two very quick paintjobs, really, nothing elaborate but both quite satisfying to do. I've not had much hobby time this week, and what little I've had has mostly been spent gluing rank upon rank of Crypt Angels together. I've nearly done all of them now, just a squad of Raptors and some kind of flyer left. It's fun too, in a different way, but it was good to get a little painting in too.

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  1. Nice touch of having the mosaic on the not-Gorgon's base.

    For models that skip lightly past copyright restrictions, I've always liked Heresy Miniatures' 'Dr Hugh the Timelord' range.

    (although if you read his epic post about the 7-year hell of sculpting a dragon, he's served his time in hobby purgatory)