Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"What is a WoffBoot?"

"Gotta paint 'em all!"
The phonetic pronunciation of WFBT, which is itself an acronym for 'Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament'.

Or, as one Warhammer widow once said, when glancing at an email, "What is a WoffBoot?"

WoffBoots are annual events, held over the course of a weekend in Spring. A round-robin tournament of small-scale Warhammer Fantasy battles, interspersed with movies and libation.

This blog has been established so competing generals can share their efforts to prepare, build and paint new armies for each upcoming WoffBoot (hopefully providing a spur to activity).

For the WoffBoot!


  1. Cry havoc and let loose the paints of war!

  2. And if you're of a mind to learn something, a respelled acronym like 'WoffBoot' is a 'vocologue'. It belongs to that rare collection of words such as emcee, deejay, Esso, and okay.


    (hat-tip haggardhawksblog.blogspot.co.uk)