Mads Dövarg - Barbarian 

Mind: 2
Body: 8
Equipment: Broadsword, Shield
Treasure: 375 gold coins
Tasks Completed: The Maze
Coat of Arms: Sable, lamenting women displayed gules 

Coinraughth Aughbrainn - Elf

Mind: 4
Body: 6
Equipment: Short sword, [Cross]Bow
Treasure: 50
Tasks Completed: Prince Magnus' Gold
Coat of Arms: Party per pale argent and vert, a flowering elm eradicated countercharged

Thaddeus Gelftlicher - Wizard

Mind: 6
Body: 4
Equipment: Staff
Treasure: 100 100
Tasks Completed: Lair of the Orc Warlord, Prince Magnus' Gold
Coat of Arms: Sanguine, three annulets azure

Oddi Trucklebeard - Dwarf

Mind: 3
Body: 7
Equipment: Short sword, Helmet, Shield.
Treasure: 245 135 gold coins
Tasks Completed: The Rescue of Sir Ragnar, Prince Magnus' Gold
Coat of Arms: Sable with frets or, an escarbuncle of axes ferrous

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