Friday, 2 May 2014

Grudge me tender, grudge me do

As we have now adopted the Grudge system into the WoffBoot (I can't remember if we took a vote, but it's in Leofa's spreadsheet, which is as good as making it canon), I have attempted to record all these in a Great Book of Grudges

(rather than use our limited supply of Blog Pages - because I know we're going to be building army pages any day now - it's a back-dated Post from 2008, whence the first grudges began)

I fully expect to have gotten this wrong (errata from Leofa to follow), but some interesting observations to be had:

  • General East has yet to settle any grudges, he also has the highest stacked grudge (triple) against Kasfunatu.
  • Kasfunatu is the only general to settle two grudges in a single WoffBoot (VII - the infamous Harvest of Khorne)
  • General Stylus has acquired the most grudges (5), and also is joint-top in grudges settled (3)
  • Yalfrezi has also settled 3 grudges, and has never acquired a new grudge until settling his previous one.
  • General Leofa has the highest number of unsettled grudges (3).
  • Kraken is the only general to be still nursing a grudge since WoffBoot I.


  1. Never forget, never forgive.

  2. No errors spotted yet. Nice work, Stylus.

    1. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Leofa?