Sunday, 9 September 2012

WoffBoot VI - House Rules

As a final 'final' wash-up to the WoffBoot VI, I thought we could discuss/discard/agree some extra house rules for future tournaments.
"You might recognise me from such
shows as Angel: Seasons 1, 2 and 5"

These are cobbled together from generally suggestions, so feel free to slap them down, or suggest more in the comments section.

Suggested House Rules

1. Half points for units/models under 50% strength.
Reason: with so few units per army, it doesn't feel right to get nothing if you've ground down an enemy unit to just a few models.

2. Half points for fleeing units (if also under 50%, does not stack).
Reason: similarly, a player could end the game with his entire army in flight, and still 'win'.

3. Winds of Magic dice rolled on 2D6 (re-rolling 5s and 6s)
Reason: the potential dice in the power pool felt about right, but D4 are rubbish dice for rolling.

4. Army lists submitted for general view at beginning of tournament, prior to the first game. Magic items do not have to be identified or located (a footnote just saying 'xx points spent on magic items' will suffice).
Reason: so everyone knows equally in advance what is being fielded, avoids later players having an advantage over early ones. Also allows any potential issues ('you're fielding that?' ...'what are they meant to be?') to be sorted out before it gets competitive.

Gentlemen, I yield the floor...


  1. For points 1 & 2, I agree but only to a certain extent. It is a bit too 'all or nothing' for me, and having one model out of a pack left but giving my opponent no credit for all the slaughter feels very mean.

    At the same time, it really felt like it took the pressure off me when deploying and making decisions about who and when to commit. One can afford to be a bit more gung-ho knowing the whole lot need to be gone before you lose out. And having your opponent get points for the very dice-based reform tests always feels harsh.

    Might I suggest some kind of point bonus instead? Kind of like the 100 points you get for killing a general, maybe scaled to the cost of the unit? E.g. Broken or Half-Strength unit at the end of game = 50 points (assuming a unit cost of 150-250 points, half that for less, 75 for more)?

    I agree with 3 & 4 though. d4 sucks ass.

  2. 1&2:
    You raise an interesting point in 2 and agreed with 1... but actually I think I might even suggest combining (maybe this was where J was going):

    what about:
    Fighting fit and >=50%: 0%
    Running and >=50%: 25%
    Fighting fit and <50%: 50%
    Running and <50%: 75%
    Dead/Fled: 100%

    3: no contest, absolutely yes!

    4: no problem, although you potentially have the same issue with whomever posts first.
    Thinking about it, I might suggest taking a previous idea I posted further: make it an olympic opening ceremony parade, where the army is introduced to all others before any games. Also seeing as we did "introducing the XXX" photos, we now get a chance to write up the opening ceremony.

  3. Can we see if Danny Boyle is free?

  4. So it sounds like we're in agreement for #3 - away with the D4!

    For #1 and #2, I like the thought of encouraging a bit of reckless play, so I'm happy to give Ben's system a try (although those who saw me struggle to work out the hit rolls for WS3 attacks will understand why I'm going to leave the mental arithmetic to someone else).

    #4 Love the idea of an opening ceremony to introduce the armies!

  5. I agree with all bar #3: d4 is my friend.