Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Suggestion - Woffheim: City of the Damned?

Though dates have yet to be set, the prospect of a December gathering is in the air. With that in mind, I wanted to open the floor to the format of the weekend.

One option is to stick to the 'WoffBoot' (i.e. Battle Tournament) - a straightforward league of 1,000 pt armies and all the house rules we can cram into it. Now these 'annual' events are becoming more regular, I'd opt for doing one of these a year as a minimum (but that does leave scope for other games, and so...)

Another option discussed by Gen Leofa and myself was to try out an alternative game - partly as a way of keeping things fresh, partly as a way of more closely combining the battle and RP elements of the weekend.

Which brings us to Woffheim* - a weekend-long campaign based around Mordheim (a Warhammer city-skirmish game, for the uninitiated).

*for clarity, I'll call the WFB Tournaments 'WoffBoots' and the Mordheim-based game 'Woffheim'. You just wait until I start lobbying for a campaign in the hive city of 'NecroBoot'.

I won't lay down all the ideas we talked about, so as not to stymie discussion, but the idea was to have the same basic rules for the fights, experience-gathering and overall equipment/henchmen acquisition, but with a GM running the overall 'story'.

This would mean that the battles would not be wholly dice/generalship-based, as there would be scope for RPing during battles (with the GM overseeing: want to try and bribe the other team's Hired Sword? How about testing to see if your ogre can demolish that shakey-looking wall? Or have all your survivors duck into a manhole and take their chances escaping through the sewers?).

There would also be a lot more RPing between battles - players could hang out at the same taverns or trading posts, make deals, get information, threaten each other - with the GM keeping order and playing NPCs as necessary (or even a whole NPC band to fight - if your crew happen to run across a pack of Skaven, or just have to fight through a mob of angry villagers).

Rather than just trying to beat each other up and gain experience/loot, each warband would have their own mission to accomplish. This would depend on who they are: Marienburgers might be trying to get a chest of gold out of the city; a Necromancer and his thralls might want to raise a vampire. And of course this also has options for interplay: a band of Witch Hunters might bribe Marienburgers to attack a Necromancer before he can raise a vampire.

That's just the start of it. Leofa is keen in GMing this, and I'm sure would welcome as many suggestions as we could throw out there.

Any interest in pursuing this?

(if so, roll 2D6, or 3D6 if you have Swiftstride)

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  1. Yes! Except I can't, I'll be declaiming Dickens in Stockholm all December. But it sounds like a great plan which I'd be all for in other circumstances.