Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dates Finalised for WoffBoot VI

So, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing: we are now set for first mid-year woofboot... previously dubbed a MuffBoot.

More details over exact timings will follow. But, we now have James confirmed from Sweden (well as confirmed as he will be with potential work commitments, but he has booked flights, so that's good enough for me). That means, on top of the tabletop aspect of the MuffBoot, there will be some more imaginitive dice rolling with a bit of roleplay, and so it may make sense to adjust the schedule appropriately and have roleplay in evening, and split tabletop more evenly over the two days.

So the plan is from (about) midday on Friday 31/8 until (about) midday on Sunday  2/9 we will have several battles, some roleplay, probably a film on the big screen, no doubt a barbecue, several beers,  probably a handful of rules debates and hopefully a good time!

As you may gather from my previous post, I will be trying out something new for my Ogres!

Other army choices to be finalised, and there may be a bit of a backstory/campaign tree once we know what's going on.. and Luke promises to make it better pun than my 'Mill Turnkeys' and 'Milton Keynes' from last year!

So with under six weeks: get your paintbrushed prepped and army lists ready; the countdown begins.


(title edited at Leofa's request - to standardise the WoffBoots into Roman Numerals)


  1. I'm officially scared. And I'm not even sure which army I'll be yet.

  2. I dropped a mail to West to see if he is planning on taking Wood Elves and give him first approval.

    Beyond that, there are the
    Vampire Counts
    Orcs and Goblins
    High Elves

    with varying degrees of army choice, and options.

  3. I'll be playing puny humans (which may not come as a surprise to anyone) - but if anyone has a copy of the new 8th ed Empire book, do let me know.

    Happy to pitch in with the backstory - is this just flavour text, or something that will affect the battles?

  4. I think, in all honesty, it will depend on how Luke's work life is.... Good intentions.

  5. I'm also game for backstory helping (if there's still room).

    Obviously none of us support piracy. I think it's awful that a pdf copy of the army book might be readily available on the net.

    And if we're bagging armies now, I enjoyed the High Elves last time, which surprised me. Equally, I came last. Luke beat me and he wasn't even there, so I'll go Orcs and Goblins, please.

  6. Ok so we are also now set on armies

    Ben: ogres
    Huw: empire/dogs
    Luke: shaven
    James: orcs
    West: vampires
    Lee: lizard men

  7. "Luke: shaven"

    Too much information.

    In the interests of full disclosure and fair play (i.e. so one's final opponent has no more advantage than the first), is there any interest in publishing the army lists before the tournament? Or is surprise half the fun?

  8. Hmm guess spell check is not always your friend!

    Not sure on full disclosure. Its ok if all designed then all disclosed; but there is more of an advantage to those who disclose last rather than those who play last.

  9. How about full disclosure when we first get there?
    Ie after all created and made but before first game. It means all written, so no tweaking to cope with something, but all can view before the first dice rolled.

  10. That sounds good to me. Can I check which edition of the rules we're using? And ask if anyone's got a relevant pdf of the Orky roolz wot I can lookat?