Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Great Book of Grudges

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.”

It loses something in the translation from Khazalid.

General East

  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot V + WoffBoot VI + WoffBoot VII + WoffBoot IX
  • Guestboot, WoffBoot VIII


General Kasfunatu

  • Stylus, WoffBoot I settled WoffBoot VII
  • Yalfrezi, WoffBoot III + WoffBoot V settled WoffBoot VII
  • Kraken, WoffBoot VI
  • Yalfrezi, WoffBoot VIII
  • Leofa, WoffBoot IX


General Kraken

  • Leofa, WoffBoot I settled WoffBoot IX
  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot IV settled WoffBoot VI
  • Stylus, WoffBoot VI + WoffBoot IX


General Leofa

  • Stylus, WoffBoot II settled WoffBoot VI
  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot V + WoffBoot VI settled WoffBoot IX
  • Guestboot, WoffBoot VII
  • East, WoffBoot VIII + WoffBoot IX


General Stylus

  • Leofa, WoffBoot I - settled WoffBoot II
  • Yalfrezi, WoffBoot III settled WoffBoot V
  • East, WoffBoot V settled WoffBoot VII
  • Leofa, WoffBoot VI + WoffBoot IX
  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot VII + WoffBoot VIII


General Yalfrezi

  • Stylus, WoffBoot II settled WoffBoot III
  • Stylus, WoffBoot V settled WoffBoot VII
  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot VII settled WoffBoot VIII
  • Leofa, WoffBoot VIII


General Guestboot

  • Kasfunatu, WoffBoot VI + WoffBoot VIII
  • East, WoffBoot VII settled WoffBoot VIII

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