Sunday, 2 October 2016

Honorific: Horrific

So, I have played through the entire Silver Tower campaign, ogled the 43 additional hero cards now available, written a metric fuck-tonne of additional house rules, and bought additional packs of treasure, skill and exploration cards so I can further expand the game.  It's about time I actually painted some of the models...

Multiple horrors
Multiple horrors.


 I converted this chap to represent The Librarian, met in the first Trial of Silver Tower.



Fire in the hole!
So there you have it: my first painted adversaries.  I thought I'd better paint at least one hero too, and seeing as my Stormcast Project is making slow but steady progress, the Questor won.

I've actually done some more layering on his tabard since the shot though.
Leofa out.


  1. Nice work - especially The Librarian. The benefits of actually playing the game before committing paint to model.

  2. What section of the library did the Librarian take that terrifying vulva book out of? I think we should be told.

    Lovely to see your work up again, Leofa! Very smooth shading. What golds are you using on the Stormcast?

  3. Thanks both.

    The stormcast is simply retributor gold spray (which absolutely in no way whatsoever matches the pot of retributor - fucking infuriating!) washed with agrax gloss and then highlighted with auric gold. I've also done some enchanted / hideous blue details on his tabard / cape to match the dracoth (forthcoming...)