Sunday, 17 May 2015

Get in the Back of the Van

See, if you ask the internet to provide you with pictures of how people paint the inside of their Land Raiders, it's only ever going to make you miserable.

You're only supposed to glue some of the bloody doors on. As opposed to blowing them all off, of course. 

Nice kit, and something of an icon for 40K and its preachy Space Marine armies. In all honesty, though, nobody is going to spend a lot of time looking inside the damn tank. It's supposed to be a heavily armoured transport, true. But you don't exactly stick the models inside it during a game, right? Or am I just underestimating the level of immersion people go to?

Take it to the other side. 

Moaning aside, when you get the sprues and see the level of detail included for the interior, your heart does a combination sink and skip. There's lovely stuff in there, even if it can't be seen. Plenty for the conversionist, one who enjoys exploded views perhaps. Maybe quite literally.

It's coal-fired. 

In the end, if I drew the line at trying to light it properly, I just couldn't resist the comms panel. It called to me, a siren song of screens and sonar. I answered as best I could. I think the inside of a military transport should have nice, calming colours, almost like the inside of a hospital waiting room (which, let's be frank, is basically what it is). I also wanted gothic Victorian copperwork for the pipes and floor, and I think I managed it okay.

The perfect place to sit in a sweaty panic as your troops die in a xenomorph ambush.

Painting Guide:

  • Brassy Metal - Dwarf Bronze, Agrax Earthshade and Auric Armour drybrush
  • Restful Walls - Ushabti Bone, Agrax Earthshade, Typhus Corrosion oily streaks, Tyrant Skull highlights, a bit of Rhinox Hide with Mithril Silver for chips
  • Scanner Panels - Layering of Incubi Darkness up through Kabalite Green to Hellion Green, White Scar light spots and a bit of darkening down again with the trusty laundry pen, as I'm still working without blacks. 

It's been a slow week for painting, so this obviously isn't finished. More to come. like the bits you can actually see. And perhaps some sort of explanation of why I'm painting a Land Raider in the first place. Clue - it's not going to be proxying a Steam Tank.

This isn't all I've managed to get done in the last five days either - that teaser from last week is slowly gathering pace. And stature.

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