Thursday, 27 December 2012

Moulder Whine

Kraken doesn't have a monopoly on bad puns you know...

After a couple of afternoons painting at Kas' place, I have finally finished a sizeable Clan Moulder army. (Many thanks to Kraken and Kas for their help in the early stages).

Clanrats, weapon teams, rat swarms, rat ogres and jezails

Giant rats.  Thousands of them.  Don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes boys!

Boxing days jezails

Rat ogres
All the clanrats

Clanrats with warpfire thrower (left)

Clanrats with a poison-wind mortar (right)


  1. Wow, that's a lotta rats! Before you took the photos, did you ask them to say 'cheese'...

    Well done, and a good look for a Skaven army. Is that everything for your ratmen now?

  2. Nice stuff! I'm just imagining that the Clanrats' banner has a Christmas holly wreath hanging from it, right?

  3. Hmm.

    Ben and I played 3k pts over New Year (Moulder vs Daemons). I had to proxy in a Zombie Dragon as a Vermin Lord (which I've since purchased from GW online - metal, I know, but the cheapest way I've EVER found of getting 500pts!) two Rhinoxen as Hellpit Abominations (which didn't even see combat, so I'm in no hurry to buy just yet) and some Night Goblins as Packmasters (which I'd forgotten I needed; I've since earmarked the relevant bits from my box). So the skaven to-do list is 13 Packmasters and a Vermin Lord. How fitting.

    1. Stylus, I need your assistance. Having claimed this was the cheapest way to field 500pts, I hadn't factored in the considerable cost to my sanity of working in metal again.

      Please could you bring your drilling/pinning equipment, superglue and ample patience to the 'Boot as I've all but given up having already broken my pin vice... :-(

    2. I shall indeed bring my trusty pin vice, crusted after long years of service with slivers of pewter and my own blood.

  4. So who won the contest? (or are you saving the surprise for the battle report?)

    "...the cheapest way I've EVER found of getting 500pts!"
    Cheaper than fielding a plastic dragon and mounted general as a legitimate 1,000pt DoW army?

  5. Hell yeh! Those plastic dragons were expensive back in the day! ;-)

    Ah, that was such a nice army to play. Wouldn't work now though - breath weapons can only be used once per game. :-(