Saturday, 5 January 2013

For the Emperor! the *other* Emperor!

Just so my profile page has more posts to link to, I thought I'd photograph my Space Marines for the blog.  Unfortunately, my camera is shit.

When building my Crimson Fists army I imposed one very rigid restriction upon myself:   I would use only the contents of one original box of 1st edition space marines (known in the biz as RTB01 - Rogue Trader Box 1).  As such, the army is exactly 30 marines with no vehicles, etc. and therefore has lost every battle it has every fought. The only deviation from RTB01 contents were the captain's banner pole, two heavy bolters and two plasma guns, but these were all salvaged from comparable sets of the same era so nothing looks too out of place.

I give you... "The Lost Boys"

Tactical marines: there are two squads of 6. 
Each has a sergeant, flamer, storm-bolter and 3 red-shirts

Devastators.  Devastating.

My assault marines have had the most conversion:
shoulder pads cut from spare arms were modelled onto back-packs to make
jump-packs, then paper-clips were drilled into the bases to hold them up

The command squad has some special weapon, an Apothecary...

...a Chaplain...

...and El Capitan


  1. Sweet sweet retro joy! Takes me right back to the battle at the farm...

    I had a bit of luck beating the shit camera blues with this article, which explained things like depth of field and macro settings to me. Before that, I assumed any button on the back of the camera that had an icon I didn't understand was clearly a self-destruct activation.


    is the article I meant to include in the last post.

  3. You have the Wombles space marines? Nice!

    That almost makes me want to bump up my Rogue Trader Orks from 8th in the painting order.

  4. I have dropboxed rules for Kill Team. Each player only needs 200pts. Can we all get ready for that should the opportunity arise?

  5. I just had a sudden flashback to Greenwich. There's a lie in your second paragraph (if it's not one of my erratically false memories, anyway) - I remember you talking about this very army way back then, and I think we had a couple of games there, played out on the boarding under my mattress. Ring any bells? I'm pretty sure I lost to the concept of this army, if not the unpainted miniatures themselves. For there is no Warhammer Army in the world I cannot lose to.

  6. There could be truth in that; I can't remember I'm afraid.

    Also, following a conversation with Stylus about the (lack of) artistry of these models, I'd like to point out that I painted them in a hotel room in Budapest 8 years ago. I like to think that even if I've not improved since, the paints have.

  7. Did you take inspiration for the captain from Lego or the Simpsons? :)

    It may be a trick of the camera and the light, but it is less humourous to give you the benefit of the doubt!