Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chaos Warriors bitz: get 'em while they're hot!

So, I've checked out my spare parts box for Chaos Warriors bitz.  There will be more leftovers if I ever get around to finishing building the army (I've got a chariot conversion, chosen, and characters still to construct/convert) so enquire if what you want isn't listed ;-)

To business...


...Shoulders, knees and toes.  Well, shoulders at least. 

There's 51 shields in that bag alone.
I know, I counted ever single last damned one of them.

Banners and cloaks - essential marauder kit.


  1. Once I've catalogues the Bo'LM, I'll get photos up! I don't have a bits box any more, though, it went in as a freebie with one of my job lots of 40k stuff.

    All those bits look very tempting indeed; I may have to dig deep and come up with some kind of cash offer if I can't find anything decent to exchange.

  2. The shields on the middle and right, the arms and weapons pile and the cloaks are my priorities, I think. Perhaps one of each banner, too. But I should hold off on heads until I've actually seen these vikings in the flesh and checked their scale!

  3. Sold! Everything above has gone to a new home.

  4. If you've got banners left, I'd like two of them (one of each type, but *not* the one with the Chaos Undivided icon). No urgency, WoffBoot is fine to exchange.

    I'm not sure what I have to swap - I know you were collecting Orc Boar Rider legs, interested in and old-style plastic boars?

  5. I only have the one with the hooks and severed heads left. And this:
    Any good?
    I will need to do a full Orc Boarboyz muster but I'm sure I could use riding legs and a boar. Let me get back to you though.

  6. Actually, I have just found you the perfect piece (assuming it's for Savage Orcs??) - a plastic Gor banner, replete with severed heads and a fur top.

    It's this piece ( but without the horny skull on top.

  7. Yes please to both those banners, and maybe a cloak or two if you have it.

    I don't have any riding legs, just the boars. It's a bit of a random assortment at the moment (second hand models, so may need paint removal/respray), but let me know how many you need and I'll do a quick boarventory.

  8. sorry, this:

    I'll bring along with the one requested to the 'Boot.

  9. Hmm, without the legs akimbo the boars are no good I'm afraid. I'll bank this one and call it in later I think! ;-)

  10. That Beastmen one might be the ticket - it's for the Savage Boarboys, so long is better than wide. I can bring the model along to the WoffBoot and try on different styles.

    I think the legs akimbo piece is probably rare (or else, I'd be gathering them too) - my plan (for my eventual Common Orc Boarboy unit) was to convert a pair of regular legs with a craft knife and greenstuff.