Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Barber of Skavenblight: shaven... and dry-brushed.

No pics I'm afraid (the army is already in MK to ensure I don't forget to actually turn up with it) but I have 1000pts of Skaven in the following state:

1) Sprayed with Army Painter (TM) Leather Brown
2) Based with Citadel (TM) Stirland Mud
3) Dry-brushed all over with Citadel (TM) Bleached Bone

...And unless my essay writing skill/speed improves considerably in the next week, that's how they'll be fielded.

It's ok though!  I recall a GW store rule that said it's ok to play with unpainted miniatures once, so long as the next time you bring those minis in they've been progressed a bit more.  I figure this way, I could play a new army every WoffBoot until 2023 and never have to paint another model.

Message ends.



  1. I shall be arriving terribly early (by about two days), thanks to some hilarious scheduling issues. A London audition for a job in Stockholm, namely. I'd happily add a coat if you want some jerkins coloured in or something?

  2. If you're happy to, thanks!

    Non-furry bits of skin, snouts and hands/feet would welcome a coat of Dwarf Flesh (the colour, not actual Dwarf flesh, though I'm sure that would be in character...). And tails and tips of noses a 50:50 mix of Dwarf Flesh and Tenatacle Pink.

  3. Don't forget their ratty little eyes...

  4. There will be nothing little about any eyes I paint. Sunny side up only.

    Skin and tails shouldn't be a problem!

  5. In that case I'll do the eyes myself ;-)

  6. Skin done!

    Can I just check, by 50:50 pink/flesh, do you mean stripes, dags or dots?