Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jezzail away, 'zail away, 'zail away

Home made weapon team conversion using plastic Kroot rifle:  ~£2
Feeling at not having to pay more than ten times that from GW:  priceless.


  1. Very nice, you've not lost your touch with the ol' clippers.

    (I like the paint job too: is that Plastic Grey base coat, with Plastic Grey highlights?)

    1. Thanks.

      Now, how to convert the other weapon teams...

    2. Maybe the 40K Ork weapons would suit as Ratling Guns and Warpfire Throwers.

      The new Ork sets double up on the weapon types, so there's usual cheap spares to be had on eBay.

    3. Thanks, I will check them out. I'd already thought of autocannons from terminators for ratling guns.

  2. Replies
    1. Plastic. :-)

      It is in fact a bona fide skaven shield, from the mordheim sprue, I believe.

  3. PS - In the interests of spreading non-GW stuff (like non-GM foods, kind of), may I direct your attention to the website

    It has a page dedicated to 'Piranha Men of the Amazon'. That alone deserves an award of some kind.